Fill in the Registration Form

Complete the online registration form with accurate and detailed information.

Submit an Application Fee

Pay a non-refundable application processing fee of R300.

Provide High-Resolution Photo / Logo

Email your company Logo or photo of your representative together with your proof of payment to

Fundraising Requirement

A compulsory aspect of our program is the fundraising requirement. Each company nominee will receive a detailed document outlining the fundraising details. This essential component not only supports the programs initiatives but also enhances the sense of community and contribution among participants.

Judging Process

Our rigorous judging process ensures that only the most deserving companies are recognized. Here’s how it works:
Initial Screening

All applications are reviewed to ensure they meet our standards.


The organization evaluates each company nominee based on their achievements, impact, and potential.

Finalist Selection

The top company nominees, based on a combination of the organization’s evaluation are selected as finalists.

Winners are Selected

Winners are selected based on their contributions and achievements.

Overall Winner Determination

Winners are selected in each category and will receive official invitation to the Elite dinner.

Note: Entries will close on the 28th of August.

Public Voting Element does not apply to companies.

Alumni Benefits

Long-term Benefits

Enjoy continuous opportunities for growth and collaboration as part of our exclusive alumni network. This network provides a platform to introduce your business to new cohorts annually and access resources tailored for corporate growth.

Promotional Benefits

Benefit from promotional opportunities that highlight your company’s achievements and impact, enhancing your brand’s reputation and visibility.

Annual Introductions

Opportunities to introduce your business to new cohorts, fostering connections and potential collaborations.

Community Engagement

Participate in alumni-exclusive events and initiatives, enhancing your company’s profile and impact within the community.

Access to Programs

Leverage access to different programs we are associated with, offering additional opportunities for business development and leadership training.


Companies will be recognized as leaders and high achievers in their industry, showcasing their dedication to excellence.

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