Participation Guidelines and Evaluation Criteria

1. Fundraising Requirement

Elevate Your Impact

At Eminence Elite, our vision extends far beyond just recognition; it’s about empowering our nominees to become catalysts for lasting change and growth. That’s why we’ve introduced a groundbreaking fundraising aspect to our program—a pathway to excellence that transcends mere accolades.

Fueling the Future

When nominees participate in our fundraising efforts, they're not just supporting the program, they're investing in their own future and the collective success of our elite community. The funds raised go towards supporting initiatives that benefit our alumni for years to come. As alumni, they'll have access to a wealth of resources, tailored programs, and exclusive networking opportunities that will continue to elevate their achievements and expand their horizons.

Building Bridges: Networking Beyond Borders

By leveraging the Eminence Elite platform, alumni gain unparalleled exposure and access to a diverse network of high-caliber individuals, year after year. Whether they're in business, academia, the arts, or philanthropy, our alumni have the opportunity to introduce their ventures to each new group intake annually, forging connections that transcend industries and borders.

A Lifetime of Advantages

As part of the Eminence Elite alumni network, individuals gain access to a myriad of programs and initiatives designed to foster continuous growth and development. From exclusive workshops and mentorship opportunities to collaborative projects and joint ventures, our alumni are at the forefront of innovation and leadership in their respective fields.

2. Public Voting Element

Upon completion of registration, there will be a public voting element introduced to the program. This aspect of the program will be taken into account when determining the overall winners.

Judging Process

Initial Screening:

All applications are reviewed to ensure they meet our standards.


The organization evaluates each nominee based on their achievements, impact, and potential.

Public Voting

Nominees to involve their followers by encouraging them to vote for them.

Finalist Selection

The top nominees, based on a combination of the organization’s evaluation and public votes, are selected as finalists and will receive official invitation to the Elite Dinner.

Category Winners Selection:

Winners are selected in each category based on their overall performance.

Overall Winner Determination:

One overall winner is chosen from the finalists, who will receive a prestigious cash prize of R25,000 in addition to their award.

One overall winner is chosen from the category winners, who will receive a prestigious cash prize in addition to their award.

Entries will close on the 28th of August 2024

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